Stephen Magsig: Is this the food of the future?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Is this the food of the future?

The man who invented molecular gastronomy, the style popularized by great Spanish chef Ferran Adria as the UK or Heston Blumenthal, has developed a new concept that says the answer is to feed an overpopulated world.

  The French physicochemical HervĂ© This ensures that each food comprises a mixture of basic chemicals that can be separated. This allows creating nutritional plates made of powders, oils and liquids, in place of conventional raw ingredient.
This kitchen "Note by note" is, according to This, as the artist who painted with primary colors or a musician composing note by note.
The result is a dish that is very far from something to which we are accustomed and is closer to a "chemistry set".
Hervé This BBC showed what the kitchen note to note and explain why it considered so important to change the way we cook.

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